Amelia Proves That DLD Kids Can Thrive When Given Access to Support

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Amelia, a 9-Year-Old UK school girl and RADLD Ambassador, is living her best life. With support, she continues to reach her goals despite being diagnosed with an ‘invisible’ communication disability affecting 2 students in every class of 30.

Amelia loves to be busy! She plays the cornet, enjoys dance, drama and pole fitness. She recently joined girls’ football, choir and film club at school. Amelia has Developmental Language Disorder and is proof DLD kids can thrive with the right supports in place.

Developmental Language Disorder or DLD is a lifelong, permanent neurodevelopmental condition affecting 1 in 14 people.

The 2021 DLD Awareness Day campaign is asking teachers to #ThinkLanguage #ThinkDLD to increase the early identification of DLD and support for students at school.

Thanks to early intervention, Amelia’s DLD was picked up at 6 years of age. She has been well supported since that time and has almost caught up to the expected academic levels for a 9 year old, despite not reaching any of her Early Years Foundation Stage targets at age 5.

Amelia’s mum Claire really wants teachers to know that early identification of DLD is vital. “Just because somebody can talk and appears to be listening doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue – Amelia still has significant gaps in her vocabulary knowledge because she doesn’t just “pick up” words as most children do,” Claire shared.

“Just taking that little bit of time to check she’s really understood and isn’t just repeating back words with no comprehension can make a huge difference. And we know we are lucky – Amelia’s language needs were very obvious, and she has her diagnosis. Not all children with DLD have been diagnosed, and so they may not be getting the support they need.”

One teacher can change a student’s life by spotting their challenges with language. RADLD is asking teachers to keep an eye out, and whenever they see a student struggling with learning, #ThinkLanguage #ThinkDLD.

Students with DLD can succeed at school when they are identified and have access to the right supports. But first they need our help. Please view and share this year’s DLD Awareness Day animated video to help raise awareness:

Thank you Amelia and Claire for sharing your story with us.

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5 Responses

  1. Jenny Hoyle says:

    Amelia is my Granddaughter, and I am immensely proud of all her achievements, as I am of my daughter-in-law, who has worked like a terrier to help her and to get the help she both needs and benefits from.

  2. Raj says:

    Please may I have a contact for Claire as I am a mother to a 6 year old who has been diagnosed with DLD and I am not getting the support from School.

    • Caroline says:

      Thank you Amelia and your mother for posting a positive story about living with DLD. As a mum to a fantastic child recently diagnosed with DLD I have been overwhelmed with grief by the almost total concentration in the literature on how debilitating the condition is and how hopeless the future will be.

    • Rosa says:

      Hi. My girl is 10 and was diagnosed with DLD around COVID time. We have been going to SALT since then but she’s unable to get an EHC plan to support her in school and specially next year when she starts high school. Can anyone help please?

  3. Joanne says:

    This is great to hear such a positive story. I have twin boys now 7 recently diagnosed, and I am really keen to hear what support is in place? Their school is struggling with ideas for support and it would be great to hear what has worked well. Thanks very much

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