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  • Sophie (age 37)

    SOPHIE (AGE 37) Now 37, Sophie had speech and language problems identified when she was three years old with her parents concerned about her understanding of words and speech. They sought help for a situation that some people blamed on Sophie’s parents not communicating with Sophie, a hurtful accusation…

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  • Harry (age 21)

    HARRY (AGE 21) Harry was doing well in Reception and Year 1 of school, but when he reached Year 2 things started to change. Harry was a popular child and enjoyed playing with his friends in the playground, drawing and building things. However, his teachers noticed that he was…

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  • Hannah (age 15)

    HANNAH (AGE 15) From her pre-school years, Hannah was different. She didn’t conform and was often labelled by teachers as naughty.  In comparison to her siblings, Hannah needed to be parented in a different way including being presented with very little or no choice to avoid her from feeling…

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