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  • Our Story by Glaucia Batista Geraldo

    By Glaucia Batista Geraldo OUR STORY Thales was my first and only child and I was learning from him to be a mother. Everything was fine. At 10 months old he said “mommy”. But shortly after his first birthday, he stopped talking. There were few loose words and little…

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  • DLD – You and Me: A Parent’s Perspective

    By Gemma Earle My son is gorgeous, funny, clever, has an amazing memory, is stubborn, hates loosing and has plenty of attitude. He also has DLD. I noticed a problem when he was 18 months old as he wasn’t talking or picking up words like other children. I spoke…

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  • Holes in the Knees

    By Nancy Thompson My son Curt met all his developmental goals with the exception of speech development. The day my husband and I were given the report back from the speech therapist about our son’s language delay was one of the worst days in my life. No special needs…

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  • DLD: You & Me by @adoptionblogfox

    wHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH DLD?  My son, LB, has DLD. LB is also cute as a button, filled to the brim with mischief and absolutely hilarious. He’s 6 at the moment and his favourite things are horse-riding, football and his iPad.  He is kind and affectionate; practical; challenging…

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  • Clinician Perspectives

    On average, 2 children in every class of 30 will experience Developmental Language Disorder severe enough to hinder academic progress. In this video Lesley tells us more about DLD. ✨DEVELOPMENTAL LANGUAGE DISORDER (DLD) ✨ On average, 2 children in every class of 30 will experience DLD severe enough to…

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  • Parent Perspectives

    Aileen from South Lanarkshire talks about her and her son’s experience of living with DLD. Fantastic video about Developmental Language Disorder from a parents perspective – Aileen from South Lanarkshire talks about her and her son’s experience of living with DLD.RADLD Posted by Speech and Language Therapy NHS Lanarkshire…

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  • Sophie (age 37)

    SOPHIE (AGE 37) Now 37, Sophie had speech and language problems identified when she was three years old with her parents concerned about her understanding of words and speech. They sought help for a situation that some people blamed on Sophie’s parents not communicating with Sophie, a hurtful accusation…

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  • Harry (age 21)

    HARRY (AGE 21) Harry was doing well in Reception and Year 1 of school, but when he reached Year 2 things started to change. Harry was a popular child and enjoyed playing with his friends in the playground, drawing and building things. However, his teachers noticed that he was…

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  • Hannah (age 15)

    HANNAH (AGE 15) From her pre-school years, Hannah was different. She didn’t conform and was often labelled by teachers as naughty.  In comparison to her siblings, Hannah needed to be parented in a different way including being presented with very little or no choice to avoid her from feeling…

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  • Save the date: International Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day

    International Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day will be the 19th of October 2018. This year’s theme is the “ABC’s of DLD”. A – ASSESS understanding B – BUILD knowledge C – CREATE awareness Let’s use #devlangdis #DLDABC to spread the word on DLD!

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