International Committee

RADLD is coordinated by professionals from Australia, Canada, China, UK & USA who volunteer their time to raise awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). The International Committee is supported by a casual administrative assistant.

  • Lisa Archibald
    Lisa Archibald

    Associate Professor | School of Communication Sciences & Disorders and Department of Psychology, The University of Western Ontario | CANADA

    Lisa Archibald is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at The University of Western Ontario. One focus of her research is on links between language and working memory. She also employs a practice-based research approach to partner with school-based speech-language pathologists in exploring services for children with DLD. 

  • Karla McGregor
    Karla McGregor

    Director | Center for Childhood Deafness, Language & Learning - Boystown National Research Hospital & Professor Emerita | The University of Iowa | USA

    Karla McGregor, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, conducts research on DLD at Boys Town National Research Hospital in Nebraska, USA where she also directs the Center for Childhood Deafness, Language & Learning. Her research, which focuses mainly on the word learning abilities of children and adults with DLD,  is funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Dr. McGregor is a Professor Emerita at the University of Iowa.

  • Stephen Parsons
    Stephen Parsons

    Chair | NAPLIC | UK

    Stephen Parsons is a Speech and Language Therapist, trainer and author of practical language development resources for teachers and SaLTs. Stephen graduated in Speech Pathology from Flinders University in Australia, before attaining an MSc in Speech and Language Therapy from City University, London in 2000.  From 1996-2017 Stephen worked as a Speech and Language Therapy Service Manager in Hackney and the City of London. He currently serves as Chair of NAPLIC, the association for professionals working with children and young people with developmental language disorder.  He is active on Twitter at @WordAware.

  • Natalie Turner
    Natalie Turner

    Marketing Advisor | AUSTRALIA

    Natalie has worked internationally with many small to large not-for-profit organisations in Australia with previous roles including the Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Cancer Council and Radio Announcer/Promotions at B105/Triple M Brisbane. Natalie holds a B.Comms and is working towards completing her MBA. She is inspired by the families which make up the DLD community, their stories and the potential of what can be achieved when we pool our talents and resources.

  • Anita Mei-Yin Wong
    Anita Mei-Yin Wong

    Associate Professor | Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, The University of Hong Kong | CHINA

    Anita Mei-Yin Wong is an Associate Professor at the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences at the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong. She has practiced as a speech-language pathologist in the United States and in Canada. Dr. Wong conducts research on the manifestations of DLD in Cantonese-Chinese speaking children and the implications of DLD on reading development. She actively engages in activities to raise awareness of language disorders in Hong Kong and mainland China.​

  • Shaun Ziegenfusz
    Shaun Ziegenfusz

    PhD Candidate | Griffith University | AUSTRALIA

    Shaun Ziegenfusz is a certified practising speech-language pathologist with a Master of Special Education.  In previous work, Shaun has been responsible for research into the delivery of education and therapy programs for children with DLD and developing services to ensure optimal outcomes.  Shaun is currently researching the educational needs of students with DLD from the perspective of key stakeholders as a PhD candidate at Griffith University and Co-Founder of The DLD Project.

  • Sam Bolton
    Sam Bolton

    Administrative Assistant

    Sam is currently completing a Master of Speech Pathology at Griffith University, Australia and has a background in Biomedical Science and Public Health. Prior to returning to study, Sam worked as a Senior Project Officer for a not-for-profit organisation, supporting workforce development for health professionals through the delivery of education, training, policy, and advocacy projects. Sam has a keen interest in the application of public health approaches within the speech pathology field. 

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