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  • Families Magazine Brisbane Promotes DLD Awareness | Australia

    We’re sending a big shout out and THANK YOU to Families Magazine for publishing a story to help build awareness of DLD in Australia!

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  • DLD Awareness Day 2020 | Save the Date

    SAVE THE DATE: DLD AWARENESS DAY – OCTOBER 16 2020 The countdown is on! This Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day, RADLD, is calling on everyone to #DLDSeeMe.  With 1 in 14 children having DLD, it is time we talk more about this hidden but common lifelong condition. WHAT IS…

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  • Amelia’s Story

    I was always a firm believer that children hit their milestones when they are ready, so wasn’t that worried that Amelia was slow to start talking.  There were many comments that second children are always slower to talk or that her sister (18 months older than her) was doing…

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  • Lauren Wright – Interview on Radio Woking

    By Lauren Wright “BBC Radio were looking for a ‘new voice’ and asked people to audition and talk about a topic of their choice for 60 seconds in front of a judging panel. I was looking at ways to raise awareness of DLD and thought this would be a…

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  • Mother of ‘M’ Story

    By Mother of ‘M’ M is 10 years old. He is a kind and very cuddly child. M cares a lot about the people around him. He can get sad for others easily. Sometimes, I have to say to him “just be relaxed you are not holding onto bad…

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  • How DLD affects our family

    By Aileen Burnett My name is Aileen, and I live with my two children, Isaac, who is 13, and Ozzie who is almost 8. Ozzie has Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and I am passionate about raising awareness of this hidden condition for benefit of other families. So let me…

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  • Our Story

    By Minna (Lucas’ mum) We are a Finnish-Norwegian family and we live in Suzhou, China. We have two children, Lucas born in 2010 and Oliver born in 2012. Lucas has Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). Lucas said his first proper word when he was two years old. Before that he…

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  • The truth about being a mum to a child with DLD

    By Laura Barnes Poppy was and still is a delightful child, she is my third born after a large gap. She was born the day after my birthday and I always refer to her as a birthday gift from my mum who passed away 4 years previously. Poppy first…

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  • Griffin

    By Kristen Sharpe My son, Griffin, was diagnosed with an “receptive-expressive language disorder” (now known as Developmental Language Disorder) when he was just 2.5 years old. We knew he struggled following commands and communicating his needs to us. This was clear to us since he was 18 months old…

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  • DLD & Mental Health

    CONTENT WARNING: If you feel your mental health could be affected by reading stories about mental health difficulties and suicide, we advise you do not read any further.   By Lizzy Campbell Hi my name is Lizzy. I’m 31 I live in England. I was diagnosed in 2013 with…

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