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NB: You need Avery code L7160 address labels or compatible to print the stickers: 7×3 stickers on each sheet, size 3.81cm x 6.35cm.

social media toolkit

We want to spread the word and tell as many people as possible about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). That’s why we’ve created DLD Awareness Day.

DLD is often a hidden condition and that’s why we need your support. We want to make this BIG. We want to let the world know about it so people with DLD can get the right information, help and support they need.

Below, we tell you about some of the ways to get involved on social media to support the campaign!

What social media platforms can I use?
Using Twitter hashtags and @ – IMPORTANT INFORMATION!
  • Use #devlangdis all year around to discuss DLD.
  • Use #DLDYouandMe to promote DLD Awareness Day and your activities
  • Add to your tweets @someone: target an organisation, individual or celebrity that you think needs to know about DLD or DLD Awareness
Share the RADLD films!
  • Developmental Language Disorder: The Consensus Explained:
  • DLD 1-2-3 film: This is the award winning film from our DLD Awareness Day in 2017.
  • You can share previous RADLD films too! Select your favourite from


Use our media release templates to submit a story to your local newspaper or magazine. Enter your name or organisation and add your own quotes, photos of your event or views of children/parents/professionals.

A IMPORTANT: There is an embargo on the press release for 14th October 2019. This means articles should only be published on that date or after. Please help us stick to this to ensure we create momentum at the right time with maximum buzz around the day.

General – template

Activity or Media Stunt – template

Light Up Events – template

DLD: You and Me – template

For any media release inquiries, please contact

DLD Awareness Day Activities: Some simple ideas but do be creative!

  1. An informal talk, tea break or meeting about DLD for staff or show a RADLD Youtube video. Use the fact sheet and quiz!
  2. Share the fact sheet with schools, doctor’s surgeries, your taxi driver etc.
  3. Put stickers on everyone and tell them why they need to know and support!
  4. Have a stand in your foyer to share resources, and if possible show a RADLD Youtube video.
  5. Share your events on Twitter and Facebook and use them to get a story in the local paper to help raise awareness of DLD. Don’t forget to use #devlangdis and #DLDABC!
  6. Make your own t-shirts/ posters using our logo and graphics.

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