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Welcome to RADLD.ORG, created to Raise Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder or ‘DLD’ (previously RALLI campaign). Here you will learn more about DLD, access resources and find out how to raise awareness.

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Learn more about DLD

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    How well do you know Developmental Language Disorder? Take our short quiz to test your knowledge.

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    Here we share resources to help build your knowledge of this hidden but common condition.

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  • DLD Awareness Day

    In 2017, the new terminology of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) was launched with our campaign 'DLD 1-2-3'.   We want everyone to know about DLD to use consistent terminology. This will enable greater public awareness, research and advocacy for those who are affected. Explore the page to learn how you...

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Developmental Language Disorder

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) is the new term to replace Specific Language Impairment (SLI). Developmental Language Disorder is diagnosed when children fail to acquire their own language for no obvious reason. This results in children who have difficulty understanding what people say to them, and struggle to articulate their ideas and feelings. Recent research has shown that, on average,...

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  • Clinician Perspectives

    On average, 2 children in every class of 30 will experience Developmental Language Disorder severe enough to hinder academic progress. In this video Lesley tells us more about DLD. ✨DEVELOPMENTAL LANGUAGE DISORDER (DLD) ✨ On average, 2 children in every class of 30 will experience DLD severe enough to…

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  • Parent Perspectives

    Aileen from South Lanarkshire talks about her and her son’s experience of living with DLD. Fantastic video about Developmental Language Disorder from a parents perspective – Aileen from South Lanarkshire talks about her and her son’s experience of living with DLD.RADLD Posted by Speech and Language Therapy NHS Lanarkshire…

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  • Sophie (age 37)

    SOPHIE (AGE 37) Now 37, Sophie had speech and language problems identified when she was three years old with her parents concerned about her understanding of words and speech. They sought help for a situation that some people blamed on Sophie’s parents not communicating with Sophie, a hurtful accusation…

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