Previous Awareness Days

2019 – ‘DLD – You and me’

In 2019 we focused on telling your stories.  People with DLD, families and professionals submitted stories and videos to our website, which were then shared on social media.  We also focused on translating our DLD Fact Sheet in different languages with the support of volunteer translators from around the world.  This year also saw the first “Light Up Events” with landmarks lighting up purple and yellow.

2018 – ‘abc’s of dld’

In 2018 it’s time to see if you know your ‘ABCs of DLD’. You’re encouraged to ASSESS your understanding, BUILD your knowledge and CREATE awareness of DLD. We are aiming to be bigger and better this year by launching  We want everyone to know about DLD to use consistent terminology. This will enable greater public awareness, research and advocacy for those who are affected.

2017 – ‘DLD 1-2-3’

In 2017 we launched the first DLD Awareness Day with the theme ‘DLD 1-2-3’. This included an information sheet and quick quiz, as well as our award winning Youtube video.

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