DLD Awareness Day

In 2017, the new terminology of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) was launched with our campaign ‘DLD 1-2-3’.   We want everyone to know about DLD to use consistent terminology. This will enable greater public awareness, research and advocacy for those who are affected.

Explore the page to learn how you can help raise awareness for people with Developmental Language Disorder.

Become a RADLD Ambassador

RADLD are looking for people who have a connection with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) through family, personal experience or work.  You must have an understanding of DLD through this connection and be passionate about wanting people to know about DLD. We want you to participate in activities and share with your network.



This year’s RADLD campaign is ‘DLD – You and Me’ so we want to hear from people with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and their families. Teachers, speech and language therapists/speech language pathologists and other professionals can join in too. We are hoping to gather photographs, videos and written stories from many different perspectives, so people from all over the world understand the lived experience of DLD.  This year is about YOU, so make it personal.

make a video

write a story

Preparation before the day

Print out your resources and check the internet and YouTube access if you are showing our films. Share your plans on social media! #devlangdis #DLDYouAndMe

Use our logo and “I’m supporting DLD Awareness Day” graphic for your own personal posters/t-shirts. Look out for our Facebook frame and add it to your profile picture.

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  • Share what you’ve learned about DLD and help create awareness on social media.

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