We would love families and people with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) to make videos. The video can be of one person, two people or more. Teachers, speech and language therapists/speech language pathologists, grandparents, friends and colleagues can make films too. We appreciate videos from all around the world, and in lots of different languages. We will upload your videos to our website and share on social media to spread the word.

Important advice


Keep the video short. We suggest:

  • up to 2 minutes if one person is appearing
  • up to 3 minutes if 2 or more people are in your video

If you are making a video to share on Twitter the maximum video length is 140 seconds (2 mins and 20 seconds).

Make it personal

The video is about your views and experiences. The video doesn’t need to look professional and it’s up to you what you say. We’ve given you some ideas below.

If you say ‘I am good at telling jokes’, then tell a short joke. If you say ‘I really like art’ then hold up some artwork. If you have a pet, get them involved. Make it fun and use your imagination!

Internet safety

If you are under 18, make sure you talk to your parent or guardian first and get their consent. Get them to check they are happy with the video when it is finished. Make sure you get their permission to put the video online. This is really important. Post the video from your parent or guardian’s social media account.
Use your first name and country where you live, but do not say anything more that might identify you. Don’t say your last name, your address or school. If anyone contacts you as a result of posting your video, do not respond until you have talked it through with your parent or guardian. Never agree to meet anyone in person who you meet online.

If you decide not to put your film on the internet you could think of other ways to share it, such as with your family or class. Always ask your parents for permission before sharing.

Find more information about online safety at:

Different languages

There are people with DLD in every country of the world, and so we want to hear from people all over the world. Please translate the DLD statements and speak in your home language. Make it clear what language you are speaking, and perhaps add your country’s flag to make it very clear. Tag your video with #DevLangDis so others can find you, no matter what language they speak.


Steps to making your video 

Getting ready to film

  1. On a piece of card, write RADLD or DLD
  2. Look at the list of statements on the left.
Statements What to say – examples (Choose one from each section or make up your own)
About me….“I am good at …”               “I really like …”

“When I grow up I want to …”

DLD can be hard because“I find it hard when…”          “It’s challenging when…”

“People don’t….”

Things that help are …“It’s better when…”      “I need people to…”

“I wish…”

People need to know…..“I want teachers to know that…”           “DLD is…”

“Everyone needs to know about DLD because…”

“The Prime Minister/President needs to know about DLD because…”

  1. Write these statements on a piece of card. Make the words big! You don’t have to do them all. You can change the statements if you want.
  2. Look at the right side of the table with the examples for what to say.
  3. Think hard about your answers. Practice saying your answers out loud and check how long your film is. More people may watch if it is short!
  4. On another piece of card, write: Please share this video
  5. On another piece of card, write:

Find out more at:  #DevLangDis 

  1. Get ready for filming. Think about lighting, background and volume. You may want to get help from a camera person at this point.
  2. Get your cards ready. You can read the statements out loud at the right points or someone else can read them for you.
  3. Get any props ready.


  1. Start filming
Start  Hold up:  RADLD or DLD

Say: “Hello, my name is (first name)  and I live in (country). I am going to talk about DLD, developmental language disorder.”

MiddleHold up each statement card.

Either someone else reads the card out loud or you read it and you give your answers

EndHold up: Please share this video

Say: “Please share this video because…..”

Hold up: Find out more at: #DevLangDis 

Say: “Thank you!”   or “Thanks for watching”  or something else


  1. Check your video. Check you have consent of everyone in the video.
    If you are under 18, check your parents/guardians are happy and give consent, this is really important.
  2. Then please share the video on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. 
  3. Tag your video with #DevLangDis


By submitting, you are giving us approval to post your video. Again, be sure to seek your parents’ approval for submission if you are under 18.  


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