Developmental Language Disorder: How we got here and where we go next

Online Event

RADLD FUNDRAISER: In this talk, Professor Dorothy Bishop will reflect upon the history of the DLD field and opportunities for the future. Professor Dorothy Bishop will retire in 2021 after a long and distinguished career primarily focused on child language disorders and associated conditions. One highlight for Professor Bishop,...


„Wissenschaft im Wohnzimmer“ (”Scientific experts in your living-room“)

Online Event

Developmental Language Disorder event in German on Instagram TV. Details in German Am 12. Oktober 2021 ab 20.30 Uhr präsentiert das Netzwerk Sprache und Kommunikation im Land Bremen über Instagram TV einen interaktiven Live-Stream zum Thema Sprachentwicklungsstörung (SES). Interessierte Kolleg:innen sowie Eltern und von einer SES Betroffene sind herzlich...

Fall 2022 Virtual Conference Series

Online Event

The Delaware Speech-Language Hearing Association is hosting its first Virtual Conference Series (register at which will be focused on the topic of Developmental Language Disorder. This series will include ten hours of continuing education content over five consecutive weeks leading up to International DLD Awareness Day (October 14,...

24 Hours Active Day for DLD


To raise awareness and funds for Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) there will be a family & friends '24 Hours Active Day' on Friday 14th October 2022. Between us we will be keeping active all day whilst wearing the RADLD colours (purple & yellow). Active can be anything.. and the...


WereldTOSdag, World DLD day

14 oktober 2022 is het wereld TOS dag in Nederland. It is RADLD day. 15 oktober 2022 gaan we los over TOS en is iedereen met TOS en zijn familie uitgenodigd in dierenpark Amersfoort. We invited everybody with TOS to the Zoo Amersfoort.

Developmental Language Disorder in Malaysia Webinar

Online Event

This virtual webinar is held by the Speech Sciences Clinic from The National University of Malaysia (UKM). In this webinar, current updates of Developmental Language Disorders in Malaysia will be discussed. RADLD in Malaysia will take this opportunities to join-in the event and spread awareness on the main aims...

Lancement du Programme ESCALADE

Online Event

On October 14th, in the context of the « Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day », we will present the ESCALADE program. This program is the result of a collaborative research project with high school personnel to design and validate a program for young teenagers who live with developmental language...


Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Webinar Hybrid

Online Event

Part II of DLD in Singapore Join Professor Courtenay Norbury and Dr Shaun Goh as they speak about DLD in Singapore, for this online event 14 October 6:30pm - 8:30pm in Singapore. Free admission. Email Evening Hybrid Webinar DLD Day for public

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