In recent years there has been so much amazing work published on Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) by experts from around the world. Here we share resources to help build your knowledge of this hidden but common condition. If you think there’s a resource we should include please contact us on We’d love to hear from you.


In the media


  • Afasic – What is DLD?
    Afasic – What is DLD?

    Developmental Language Disorder or DLD (previously known as Specific Language Impairment or SLI) is a persistent type speech, language and communication need that cannot be explained by an obvious cause.

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  • Bercow – 10 Years On
    Bercow – 10 Years On

    Bercow: Ten Years On is a report on the state of provision for children’s speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) in England. The report has been published by I CAN , the children’s communication charity, and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT).

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  • Boys Town National Research Hospital
    Boys Town National Research Hospital is a website devoted to providing current, evidence-based information for parents and others who want to know more about Developmental Language Disorder.

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  • ICAN – DLD
    ICAN – DLD

    DLD – a deeper understanding with Dorothy Bishop

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  • MCRI Policy Brief
    MCRI Policy Brief

    2 May 2017

    Developmental Language Disorder – a public health problem?

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  • SpeechblogUK – 10 Strategies
    SpeechblogUK – 10 Strategies

    21 September 2017

    For DLD Awareness Day we have joined up with some other SLT bloggers in the UK to write a series of posts (and one podcast!) about DLD, what it is and how you can help. You can find links to the other posts in the series at the end of this post.

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  • Speech-Language & Audiology Canada - DLD
    Speech-Language & Audiology Canada - DLD

    14 March 2018

    Developmental Language Disorder: Why You Should Add DLD to Your Vocabulary.

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  • Speech Pathology Australia – DLD
    Speech Pathology Australia – DLD

    On this page are two articles about Development Language Disorder that appeared in Speak Out. A PDF version of each article is accessible at bottom of this page.

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  • The Snow Report

    3 June 2018

    Behaviour as a form of communication: What’s the issue? There’s been quite a lot of discussion in the Twittersphere, on and off in recent months about the notion that “(all) behaviour is a form of communication”. I’ve bracketed the word “all” here quite deliberately, as I think it is part of the problem, and will come back to that later.

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  • Webwords 60 - DLD
    Webwords 60 - DLD

    Developed by RAND in the 1950s, the “deliberative tool” called the Delphi method is a forecasting technique, in which a panel of selected experts responds anonymously, in writing, to two or more rounds of carefully designed questionnaires.

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  • Western University – DLD Projects
    Western University – DLD Projects

    The goals of this course are (1) to provide sufficient knowledge and basic clinical skills to begin practice in the area of language and related disorders affecting school-age children, and (2) to develop clinical reasoning skills necessary to address the ambiguity characteristic of professional practice in this area.

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  • Western University – DLD Presentation
  • Wikipedia - DLD
    Wikipedia - DLD

    Developmental language disorder (DLD) is identified when a child has problems with language development that continue into school age and beyond. The language problems have a significant impact on everyday social interactions or educational progress, and occur in the absence of autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability or a known biomedical condition.

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