Welcome to the RADLD USA National Committee page. Here you will find:

  • Contact details for the RADLD USA National Committee
  • Information & resources relevant to USA families, clinicians and educators
  • Upcoming DLD events in the USA

RADLD USA National Committee

The RADLD USA National Committee meets every month via Zoom. To express your interest in joining the RADLD USA National Committee contact:

{Insert Name} | {Insert Committee position} | {Insert email address}


Here is a list of organizations based in the USA involved in supporting people with DLD and raising awareness of this hidden but common condition.

DLD & Me

The goal of DLD & Me is to raise awareness about developmental language disorder (DLD) and to offer support and resources for parents, teachers and individuals impacted by DLD.

Find out more about DLD & Me HERE.

upcoming events

  • COMING SOON –  USA DLD events.


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