Welcome to the RADLD Wales National Committee page. Here you will find:

  • Contact details for the RADLD Wales
  • Information & resources relevant to families, clinicians and educators in Wales
  • Upcoming DLD events in the Wales


The RADLD Wales National Committee meet regularly. To express your interest in joining the RADLD Wales National Committee contact: Mary Jo Spearey


Here is a list of organisations based in Wales involved in supporting people with DLD and raising awareness of this hidden but common condition.

  • RADLD Wales

RADLD Wales Ambassadors connect via a private Facebook group. To express your interest in joining the RADLD Wales Facebook page (add link)

  • Cardiff Speech Therapy – A private Speech and Language therapy service who offer training on supporting DLD, diagnostic DLD assessments and interventions for children and young people with DLD
  • DLD and Me | Their goal is to raise awareness about developmental language disorder (DLD) and to offer support and resources for parents, teachers and individuals impacted by DLD.This site was created by collaborators from several institutions |
  • Parent Voices in Wales


Things you can do right now to get involved.

    1. Write a letter to local landmarks asking them to light up in purple (or purple and yellow). Proforma letter is here for you
    2. Become an ambassador and meet others who are raising awareness of DLD.
    3. Donate some money
    4. Form a group with friends, family members and colleagues to plan together.
  • Tuesday 17th October 2023 12pm-2pm | Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Event, Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4PZ

 DLD Information & Resources

RADLD – Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder – RADLD

  • Use RADLD Social Media resources (zoom backgrounds, e signatures, Tik Tok and IG frames)
  • Light up events 2023 (see website)
  • In collaboration with NAPLIC, ComIT will present a New interactive DLD Bubble Resource on 19th October 2023 3.45 – 4.45 is the Live Launch online of the new interactive DLD Bubble Resource for practioners to support children and young people’s Developmental Language Disorder within the classroom. Book for this free event at https://interactiveDLDbubble.eventbrite,co,uk


Growing with DLD 2022 DLD day resources


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