Lauren Wright – Interview on Radio Woking

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By Lauren Wright

“BBC Radio were looking for a ‘new voice’ and asked people to audition and talk about a topic of their choice for 60 seconds in front of a judging panel. I was looking at ways to raise awareness of DLD and thought this would be a perfect opportunity. I wasn’t successful getting through but as a result of it, I met Lara who heard my audition (she was auditioning too) and asked if I would like to talk about DLD on her breakfast show, at Radio Woking.

My plan had been to step outside of my comfort zone and if nothing else, three people (the judging panel) would have heard about DLD. It turns out there were about 20 people in the room who heard my audition and due to the opportunity with Radio Woking, DLD has reached a wider audience which is fantastic.”

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