Lauren Wright – Interview on Radio Woking

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By Lauren Wright

“BBC Radio were looking for a ‘new voice’ and asked people to audition and talk about a topic of their choice for 60 seconds in front of a judging panel. I was looking at ways to raise awareness of DLD and thought this would be a perfect opportunity. I wasn’t successful getting through but as a result of it, I met Lara who heard my audition (she was auditioning too) and asked if I would like to talk about DLD on her breakfast show, at Radio Woking.

My plan had been to step outside of my comfort zone and if nothing else, three people (the judging panel) would have heard about DLD. It turns out there were about 20 people in the room who heard my audition and due to the opportunity with Radio Woking, DLD has reached a wider audience which is fantastic.”

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  1. My son who is three years old is now under DLD service provided by our only resource here in Jersey. After having a chat with our speech and language therapist to explain the service, it will be more to support the nursery and school going forward, with strategies to help my son. This is a very challenging time for him and for us to because although we are in it every day, now that he has started nursery, it is becoming more evident that his school don’t have much knowledge of this hidden disability. Although we appreciate, and it must be said, that we appreciate all the help and support that our son has received since starting nursery in September. It is a real concern for us that he will, unintentionally, be misunderstood by teachers in the school. I feel that his anxiety has raised since starting nursery due to detachment from myself when leaving him there. I do know that he is lucky to be at his current nursery due to all of the team comforting him frequently but at the same time they are also now trying to set firm boundaries so that there is a good balance. It has been three months now and unfortunately he does fall unwell frequently during winter due to his on diagnosed asthma for which we are seeing a paediatrician in January to review. Unfortunately this means that he is in and out of nursery frequently over the last three months and settling him back in is always difficult and obviously plays havoc on his anxiety as I think that children will find school or nursery challenging anyway but as he can’t communicate it definitely heightens these challenges. I am writing to you because it’s the first time I’ve come across the website and I do feel that it would be great for parents in Jersey in the Channel Islands to be able to have access to specialists in DLD, and a training program so that all teachers will be equipped to best deal with the challenges that our children are facing every day and this will inevitably enhance their perspective on what it could be like to be in their shoes.

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